sweet potatoes cultivation in indonesia

Sweet Potatoes trunked purple produce tubers of purple. Suitable as fried Sweet Potatoes taste delicious.

is providing high quality Sweet Potatoes fleshy blackish-purple since 2016.

Farmers and plant breeders potato self in the Village of Sumber Brantas, Bumiaji sub-District, the Municipality of Batu, East Java, Rudy Madiyanto thrusting the potato plants in pots. Plant height approximately 40 cm. At first glance there's nothing special from that plant. However, if viewed more closely, the stem of the plant blackish purple. In contrast to plants which are typically trunked dark green.

Mitra Usaha Tani Indonesia planting Sweet Potatoes trunked purple in Sumberbrantas elevations of 1,400—1,700 meters above sea level. Extensive planting of 400 m2 in 2017. The population of 1,800 plants. The cultivation for 100 days. Compare with the potato raw material chips other harvest at the age of 100-110 days. Amazing, the flesh of potato tubers was also colored purple. Rudy harvest the equivalent of 20-22 tons of Sweet Potatoes per ha.

Good taste

During this time there has been no Sweet Potatoes bulbous purple. Rudy said, “I guess the Sweet Potatoes fleshy blackish purple that is still unfamiliar in Indonesia and interesting to made chips. In addition to the unique, purple color that indicates a high content of antioxidants. So, in addition to delicious also mneyehatkan.” According to the researchers, the Sweet Potatoes from the Research institute for Vegetables (Balitsa), Kusmana, S. P., Ministry of Agriculture has never been off the Sweet Potatoes fleshy purple.
“If the collection of germplasm seems to exist, but has never been released as superior varieties,” said Kusmana. It is because consumer preferences have not led to the purple Sweet Potatoes. “As far as this new potato-potato superior to the preferred market as fleshy white and yellow plus other advantages such as attractive appearance and productive,” said Kusmana. The appearance of the potato fleshy purple interesting and likely to contain high antioxidant.

Sweet Potatoes usually fleshy yellow or white.

According to Kusmana for consumption mainly market chips, potato tubers must meet certain terms and conditions, so his appearance remained awake up in the hands of the consumer. “The terms that include high starch content, reducing sugar a little, and specific gravity (SG) high,” said researcher Bandung born 6 October 1963 it. High starch content in the top 10%, of reducing sugars maximum 0.2%, and specific gravity minimum 1,070.

Mitra Usaha Tani Indonesia never test all three. However, he tested to make chips made from Sweet Potatoes results of the assemblies. “It could be pitted with potato chips of other types,” he said. In addition, when processed, the Sweet Potatoes do not burn. Different with the Sweet Potatoes fleshy purple origin country of the Netherlands. He never cultivate Sweet Potatoes purple from the Netherlands but potato tubers hirst to be tanned.

Farmer was born on 2 July 1978 it sure, potato would be excellent connoisseurs of chips. Please understand, taste of potato chips purple savory and crispy. He suspected when it appeared on the market, many thought the potato chips that use artificial dyes so fleshy blackish purple. Therefore, it is necessary education by showing directly the process.

“Usually seed Sweet Potatoes is tucked in between the seed potato farmers of planting. His seed mixed with the seed Sweet Potatoes other desired farmers,” said Rudy. He get the Sweet Potatoes fleshy purple it is in the area of Junggo, the Municipality of Batu, East Java. When it grows and bulbous, potato trunked purple it makes sort. “I found him at around dusk. Sweet Potatoes it is not desired farmers, so is usually discarded by farmers,” said the assembler of the potato varieties superior madisu AP 4 has acquired the rights for Plant Variety Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Blackish purple Sweet Potatoes

Rudy began researching Sweet Potatoes trunked blackish purple independently in 2016. Sweet Potatoes it turned out to have weaknesses on the attacks of the disease leaf blight disease caused by the fungus Phytophthora infestans. Its status is vulnerable. Rudy crossed his Sweet Potatoes of unique it with the Sweet Potatoes KR that are resistant to phytophthora diseases and has tubers flavor that is suitable for industrial chips.

The parent plant Sweet Potatoes trunked blackish purple.

The research process during the three years that produce the 8 potato types new. He chose three types of all fleshy blackish purple. The third potato it has a outer skin that is different, namely yellow, black, and purple. Rudy developed a third type of new potato that. Results budidaya menunjukkan production per plant 1,5—2 kg of tubers. If the population of 14,000 plants, the productivity reaches 20-22 tons per ha.

In addition, a third of the Sweet Potatoes that are relatively resistant to the attacks of phytophthora. This time Rudy multiply the purple Sweet Potatoes on the land of 200 m2 for the production of seed Sweet Potatoes G0. “I'm also assessment the market. In order to more quickly again Sweet Potatoes is growing,” said an alumnus of the University of Brawijaya, Malang